When buying from us, you can rest assured that all timepieces are backed by either Manufacturers or our own Timeless Encounter Limited Warranty. The Warranty Period is at least 2 Years. The warranty type and length is almost always stated with a product in the specifications of each model and this does not affect your customer’s statutory rights.

If you have any questions regarding warranties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please Note – To validate your warranty with us, we will require the original invoice receipt which you will be issued with the watch. Below is a rough guide to what is covered by the warranty which is the same as the High Street shops

Covered by warranty:

  • Watch movement
  • Hands & Dials
  • Mechanics

NOT covered by warranty:

  • The strap of a watch
  • Buttons
  • Crystals/Gem stones on the exterior
  • Glass scratches or breakages
  • Battery
  • Damage from improper handling, lack of care, accidents or normal wear & tear
  • Water damage unless marked water resistant (Please be aware of the ATM ratings)

Please refer to the warranty booklet that comes with the watch for further information on what is and what is not covered under Warranty.

Advice on Water Resistance

It is imperative that you understand the ATM (Atmospheres) ratings before watch is exposed to water. To start with, remember that water resistant watches are not water proof. A watch which is marked with water resistant rating of 5 ATM or 50 meters should not be expected to withstand a depth of 50 meters under water. These ratings are based on laboratory tests which show the ability of a watch to withstand pressure in a static condition (motionless water) and at specified depth. When swimming under water by wearer, the water pressure is obviously different due to arm movement as compared to pressure in static condition.

Manufactures have their own water resistant recommendations. Below are some general guidelines:

3 ATM or 30 Meters: Splash, rain, little water exposure5 ATM or 50 Meters: Brief immersion in still water, wash face10 ATM or 100 Meters: Bathing, swimming, snorkelling20 ATM or 200 Meters: Scuba diving

We suggest you avoid submerging your watch in water unless it is water resistant to at least 10 ATM. Leather straps will also wear out sooner if exposed to water regularly. Exposure to sea water and sauna can also affect its water resistance. Deterioration will also occur as gasket is aged.


Watches should not be put in a sauna or a hot tub since the exposure to heat can easily make the gaskets lose their shape and ability to keep water and dust out.


Watches should not be worn in the bath/shower. The soap suds reduce the surface tension of the rubber gasket in the watch, which allows water to get in. The soap can also damage the seal itself. So we highly recommend you do not bathe with your watch.